Resident Resources


Work Orders: How to make a request for maintenance

Rental Collection: How to submit your monthly rent payments

Recertification/Lease Renewal: How to prepare for your recertification appointment

Resident Services Coordinator: Assistance with other State and Local services

Moving Out: How to submit a Notice of Intent to Vacate

Grievance Procedure: How to handle a grievance with the Vernon Housing Authority

Bed Bugs: How to prevent bed bug infestation and how to prepare for treatment

Social Security Website:

Reqest a replacement Social Security Card: Replacement Card | SSA

Request Social Security Benefit Verification Letter: Benefit Verification Letter | SSA 

In search of housing in the Town of Vernon?

The waiting list for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program is currently CLOSED. However, we are accepting applications for the Public Housing Program and the Pitkat Congregate Living Center. Please review the details of each program to see if you or your family qualify. Be advised that all housing sites under the Vernon Housing Authority are subject to a waiting list at this time.  

Public Housing and Congregate Housing Waiting Lists are OPEN! Click here to request an application